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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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coming up next on kron four at eleven. a super bowl bid for the bay santa clara officials vote to make a play to host super bowl 50 in 20-16. they call it a 'win-win' deal. and we're tracking the rainy weather. the latest on how the storm could affect your morning commute.
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the news is next. >> there's rain all over the bay area. this is a live look out at the bay bridge toll plaza. wet roads out there. and here's a look at the golden gate bridge and san mateo bridge. also seeing wet conditions. i'm in the weather center with jacqueline - who's been tracking the storm. tonight city leaders in santa clara believe they're one step closer to getting super bowl fifty in 20-16. city council members unanimously approved a measure that exempts several tax measures for the n-f-l. kron 4's j.r. stone talked with santa clara's mayor who says this is a win win deal for everyone. while some still question this move?.mayor jamie matthews told me tuesday evening that the city will as part of the agreement that was unanimously approved?.hotel tax?s for 350 of those with the nfl will be waived. two tax surcharges that would go to funding the new stadium are also waived among other things. the mayor says money will be made back from filling hotels and also private donors. some that i talked with this evening are still not happy with the city?s decision. santa clara is competing with miami for the 2016 super bowl. miami however chose not to give in to these requests made by the nfl. mayor matthews believes this move puts santa clara in a prime position to get the big game.
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while there was lots of super bowl talk tonight keep in mind the nfl won?t make their decision on a location until late may. reporting in santa clara j.r. stone kron 4 news. now to a developing story in san jose. police are looking for a gunman who they say shot a man in an apparent drive-by shooting. the victim is hospitalized tonight. it happened near fisher middle school on hopkins drive. police say the victim -- between 18 and 20 years old was standing on the sidewalk when a light-colored s-u-v drove by and someone opened fire. the shooting happened just about two miles away from last night's deadly officer involved shooting. authorities have identified bruce barthelemy as the san jose police officer who shot and killed a man they say tried to ram him with a car. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. the officers, members of san jose metro unit, were dressed in plain clothes. when they noticed a suspicious car.and found out it was stolen. the passenger in the stolen car is now facing several charges. new at 11. affordable housing has become a hot button issue in the town of danville. kron four's jeff bush explains why some people are unhappy about the city's plan. a train hit and killed a pedestrian on the caltrain tracks in san jose today.
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the person was hit by a northbound train near west virginia street. the train had recently left the tamien station, and there was only one passenger on board. several other trains were delayed. full service was restored around 7:30 tonight. the death was the 4th fatality on the caltrain corridor this year. a man accused of killing three people in a drunk driving crash in daly city - pleaded not guilty today. denis demacedo is accused of crashing into a car carrying 4 people. brothers and their father - were killed. the fourth passenger remains in the hospital. demacedo is facing several charges. including three counts of d-u-i vehicular manslaughter. authorities in san jose are searching for a student who was last seen camping monday night. gabriel lorette-smith is considered at risk. he was cited monday night by police for illegally camping at henry cowell state park but hasn't been seen since. he has brown hair and brown eyes.he's 5-foot-ten -- and weighs 150 pounds. parking meters along this stretch of polk street in san francisco could soon disappear. the city wants to take away about 200 parking spaces -
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other structural work is needed to bring the 1970's restaurant up to code. it was originally hoped that the restaurant could re-open next month. but the opening has been pushed back indefinitely. coming up what went wrong during a training exercise in the nevada desert. that led to an explosion killing 8 marines. plus: why more and more elephant seal pups are being taken in by the marine mammal center in marin county. and: the popular yoga pants being recalled. for being too revealing. details ahead!
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more and more elephant seal pups are being taken in by the marine mammal center in marin county. the pups are being abandoned by their mothers and are showing up malnourished. the center says storms or people may be to blame for separating the pups from their mothers. some of the pups have even suffered shark bites. there are 19 seal pups on site right now. the center says if you see a an injured pup, call them. >> gary: coming up the baseball tournament and the 49ers have a new kicker and st. mary's. >> jacqueline: there is a bit of a break from their rain but we could see
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>> an eighth marine has died after a mortar shell explosion in nevada monday. six other marines were injured in the blast. the marines had been taking part in a mountain training exercise at the hawthorne army depot in nevada. the identities of those killed won't be released until 24 hours after their families are notified
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a major investigation is under-way to figure out what went wrong. a controversial ban on assault weapons - championed by senator dianne feinstein- was shot down before it reached the senate floor today. senate majority leader harry reid says a ban on assault weapons will 'not' be a part of a gun control package he's bringing to the senate floor. he says there's just not enough support. feinstein wrote the bill and says she's determined to get a vote. she'll put the ban in a separate amendment. >> president obama is headed to israel. he boarded air force one tonight. this is his second trip to the middle east as president. and his first visit to israel and the west bank since taking office.. he'll be meeting israeli leaders - and also with officials of the palestinian authority -- and with jordan's leader. the white house is playing down expectations for the trip. >> today marks ten years since the start of the war in iraq. about a million americans served in iraq. and about 4-thousand- 5=hundred service-members died there.
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along with at least 2- thousand government contractors, and 174 journalists. a c-n-n poll says only four out of ten americans now believe it was a smart decision to invade iraq. six out of ten say the conflict was a quote "dumb" idea in san francisco, veterans against the war gathered outs. they used chalk to mark the names of those who died. they also reminded people that although the war has officially ended. the veterans who fought there - along with iraqis - are still dealing with the war's aftermath. >> jacqueline: still some soggy conditions with more rain fall. the satellite and radar. more moisture that is
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extending offshore it will continue to funnel towards california. here is a look at futurecast. the rainfall is expected to return. we are also seeing some moderate rainfall south of the golden gate hayward, fremont. for the morning commute to the rain will pick up and the south bay. later showers. as we go for the rest of the commute to things will subside. and that could be more spotty showers. by noon, at 3:00 p.m., the same the deal. and still, finally starting to taper off for the leader evening hours. temperatures? cooler. 50's & 60's. 50s in
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concord and 60s for san jose. it will be fairly mild. not a lot of snowfall from this system. there rainfall continuing for the midnight hours. we are finally going to pick up some rainfall at anything below 7,000 ft. snowfall be above 7,000 ft.. just to reconditions expected. the snow levels will be 7,000 ft. and higher. it is easy to understand why we are not going to see snow at the level when it is fifty's. 40's but clearer conditions and as we take a look at our extended forecast. improving conditions. rainy it is not going to be steady it will be on/off and cooler conditions as i mentioned.
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we will see dry, warm weather but 60s and as we go towards the next week more cloud coverage and cooler temperatures. >> catherine: the company called 'lulu-lemon' has yanked its popular black yoga pants from store shelves and online. that's after complaints that the material being used was too sheer. and showed too much skin. the company says it doesn't understand the new problem - since it hasn't changed the materials. but it's talking with suppliers about a new fabric. there's new research indicating that sugary drinks are indeed bad for you.. it says that one in every one-hundred deaths is caused by them.. also - that sugar-sweetened beverages are linked to more than 1-hundred-80- thousand obesity-related deaths worldwide each year. the study says that among the world's 35 largest countries, mexico had the highest death rates from sugary drinks.
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the u-s wasn't far behind -- it's in third place. we're now 60 days away from this year's bay to breakers. kron 4 is proud to be part of this san francisco event. we'll bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers is happening -- sunday, may 19th. in sports. the 49ers find a replacement for kicker david akers. . and the st. mary's gaels try to move from the "first four" --- to the field of 64 in the n-c-a-a tournament. gary has the highlights and the rest of the sports. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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ncaa - st. mary's vs middle tennessee st. randy bennett 2nd half mathew dellavadova deep 3- pointer 34-24 gaels steven holt of the turnover lays it in/ 45-38 st. mary's
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randy bennett shakes hands final: 67-54 st.mary's nit - stanford vs steven f. austin johnny dawkins back to defend nit title 2nd half dwight powell with the huge ally-oop dunk 51-44 stanford final seconds steven f. austin down by one with a chance to win but the 15-footer falls short cardinal win final: 58-57 stanford nuggets win 13th straight kevin durant and the thunder looking to snap the nuggets 12-game win streak 1st quartertr durant drives and hits the tough one-handed jumper 29- 22 thunder 4th quarter nuggets up 9 andre iguodala gets the pass from andre miller for the ally-oop reverse dunk 95-84 nuggets
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final: 114-104 nuggets . 49ers new kicker - phil dawson the san francisco 49ers have signed former cleveland browns kicker phil dawson. dawson, 38, made 29-of-31 field goals last season and was voted to the pro bowl. he has made 14-of-15 from 50-plus yards and 13 of 14 attempts from 40 to 49 yards during the past two seasons. dawson, who played his entire 14-year career wioth the browns, will replace david akers, who came under fire last season for a subpar year and was released. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------
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wbc final pr vs. dr-vo(wipe) wbc - puerto rico vs. dominican republic at&t park the site for the finals with a latin flavor: puerto rico vs. dominican republic angel pagan introduced for puerto rico bot 1st, scoreless edwin encarnacion - doubles to deep left center over pagan's head - two runs come around to score to put the dominican republic on the board early 2-0 dr final out - fernando rodney with the strikeout to end the game. dominican republic goes a perfect 8-0 in the tournament - 1st team in the three year history to do that final: 3-0 dominican republic a's vs. dodgers camelback ranch in glendale arizona top 5th, 3-0 la yoenis cespedes - the solo home run to left off of chris capuano 3-1 la bot 5th cespedes - can't make the catch on yaisel puig's fly ball- but cespedes